The beginning of my new blog…

So here it is – the new blog (currently with a very soft launch until I’ve got everything moved to where I want it). The idea is to update on Mondays 🙂

What’s happening in my world, this week:

  • Work: Revisions on M&B #82, writing the outline for M&B #83, and working on updating my website.
  • Reading: Anthony Horowitz, The Magpie Murders
  • Looking forward to:  Macbeth at Stratford-upon-Avon
  • Workouts: dogwalking, as I just can’t cram in the time to get to the gym – I’m out a bit too much!
  • Planet Kate last week: Chloe home from Berlin on Tuesday, picked up new car on Wednesday (a Golf – my dream car!) and Rachel Hore’s book launch, collected Chris from uni in Nottingham on Thursday, eye test on Saturday (uh-oh, re-referral to hospital because my iridotomy is closing up), friends over for dinner on Saturday, cinema on Sunday with Chloe (Lady Bird, and very good it was too).
  • Fave pic from the last week:  this is the lake near us, and the way the sunrise and sky panned out makes this feel like living in the middle of a Turner painting.

IMG_0019 2.JPG


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